Dr. Tyler Dobos is a chiropractor, S&C coach, and pitching coach living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After his university baseball career was cut short due to a poorly managed shoulder injury, Tyler realised there was a large gap in communication between manual therapy, rehabilitation, and sports performance. This would culminate in his enrolment at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC).


Midway through his degree, he began a S&C internship at BDG, which would lead to his hiring as the first employee in it's short history. In June 2019 he would graduate from CMCC as the recipient of the prestigious 'Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation Award', awarded to the graduating student who most demonstrated excellence in rehabilitation as part of their clinical internship. He is further certified in several Functional Range Systems courses, DNS exercise courses, and AMA courses among others. 

Now the head therapist and strength coach at BDG, Tyler has been busy ensuring BDG continues pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a Canadian training facility.


He is also at Brock University studying pitching biomechanics, markerless motion capture, and elbow fatigue in baseball players.

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